Dhan Dhan Guru De Pyarai Daughter of Sri Guru Gobind Sahib Ji Daughter of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Fearless Warriors Courageous Mothers Determined Daughters They suffered great in-humane tortures Watch their children bleed to death Witnessed the brutal murder of their husbands Yet, they fought for freedom and faith Remembered Guru Ji in every breath And were an Inspiration to all Sikhs We are a Kaur Princess We are a Brave Lioness We are the Daughters of the Khalsa

June 1984 -Never Forget...

The month of June is dedicated to the countless men, women and children who gave their all to protect Sri Darbar Sahib in June 1984. Khalsa Ji, today, we bow our heads to those who sacrificed their lives for our Khalsa Panth. Dhan Dhan Guru Ke Sikh, who will be honoured for their mutual acts of bravery, in essence, for saving the Khalsa Panth. They will be remembered in our ardass eternally.

Children of 1984…

What a shock it came to be
When my father came to awaken me
At first I was annoyed
Soon it changed to fright

How odd it was
To be awakened
For I had to fight for my family’s dream

Before I stepped up to battle
I led a carefree life
At least until now,
Now my life has been occupied,
By the enemy

I felt pain, but I was fearless
It’s hard to explain how
But deep inside I somehow knew
My pain would be over

We were led by elders
We were told to guard our home
But then without warning
Some men came to take us away
My Mata Ji did not let them
As she fought with all of her strength

Pita Ji never lied to my family or I,
That sooner or later
We were going to die
And so it was on June 6th
We died there together
My family and I

From the ashes, hear our plea…

We did our Nitnem
We did our Kirtan
We were loved

We were ripped from the arms of our
parents and thrown into the fire
We were nothing more than children
We had a future

We were the face the of this Panth
We had dreams too, then we had no hope
We were taken away in the dead of night

No air to breathe
Our parents cried as they saw their loved ones bleeding to death
We are separated from the world to be no more.

From the ashes, hear our plea...
For we were children whose dreams and lives were stolen away!
We will always remember the pain and suffering…

But for the children whose lives were taken away
We shall fight to the very end
And make it clear
We are the next generation

by FaujKaur @ Monday, June 05, 2006
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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:03 AM
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