Dhan Dhan Guru De Pyarai Daughter of Sri Guru Gobind Sahib Ji Daughter of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Fearless Warriors Courageous Mothers Determined Daughters They suffered great in-humane tortures Watch their children bleed to death Witnessed the brutal murder of their husbands Yet, they fought for freedom and faith Remembered Guru Ji in every breath And were an Inspiration to all Sikhs We are a Kaur Princess We are a Brave Lioness We are the Daughters of the Khalsa

A Singhnee's Plight: 1984 Delhi Carnage

The atmosphere was silent like a city falls silent after a major storm. All the young men were staring with eyes wide. The Singh began, "First brothers, let us tell our story" He was hanging his head, trying to hide the tears in his eyes from the other Singhs.

"We both were originally from village Kamaalpura in Ludhiana. My name is Hari Singh and his name is Bhaag Singh. We both had a Transport company in Delhi. From childhood we were both amritdhari. Because of the parchaar of Master Gurbakhsh Singh of our village, we all took amrit from Bhai Sahib's Jatha. Master jee had a lot of kamaiee and had a very high jeevan. He was drenched in naam and his life story is written in Bhai Randheer Singh's book Ranglae Sajjan. So with the influence of Master jee, we joined the Akhand Kirtani Jatha.

We were both married to dastaar-wearing bibis. In about 1970, due to circumstances, we went to live in Delhi's Karol Bagh. Our business grew with Guru Sahib's blessings and the unity between us two (brothers). We had about 250 trucks with National Permits. We were happy and had all our needs met.

My wife liked doing keertan in the Jatha and always went to Ran Sabaiee Smagams. Once, when my Singhnee and my niece, my brother's ten-year-old daughter, were going to the Gurdwara in the evening, some Hindu boys began to make fun of the dastaar on her head and her Sikh baaNaa. My wife and my niece both began to beat those Hindu youths on the street. Maybe that youth was a worker with the Shiv Sena (Hindu militant group).

On October 31st when Indira was killed, that same youth brought a mob of 150 other young men and attacked our house. We both were in Transport Nagar at our office. Our home only had our wives and children. The mob tried to light the house on fire, but they fired from my licensed revolver and the crowd ran off. The goons had broken the phone lines so our family could not call and inform us.

After the mob had run off, the head of the local police station along with a police party came and took away my revolver from my Singhnee saying that he would control the situation and to maintain the peace she should hand over the revolver.

My Singhnee believed him and gave him the revolver. Right away the waiting mob began to enter the house. My Singhnee asked the police to stop the thugs from coming in but they tore the keskee from her head and tied her arms behind her back. All the children and my brother's Singhee were soaked with kerosene and lit on fire in front of my Singhnee. They all died, writhing in pain in front of her.

Then, that same Hindu Brahmin boy from our neighborhood, whom my wife had beat came forward. He stripped my Singhnee naked and then..." After this, the Singh from Delhi could not speak any further and began to sob.

Sitting nearby, a young Singh by the name of Babbar Ganga Singh was shaking his head violently and repeating "no...no..." and then he too began to sob loudly "I'll burn Delhi. I'll drink the bastards' blood" Ganga Singh was hitting the ground with his fist like he was mad. Bhai Anokh Singh and another barely managed to control him.

...All the Singhs were suffering like a fish out of water...

Bhai Anokh Singh with his hand indicated for the Singh from the Delhi to continue his story. He again started,

"When we both arrived home that night, barely saving our own lives, it was like a cremation ground. In the courtyard, the bodies of our family were lying scattered. My four year old nephews hands were together, as if it was some plea for mercy. My Singhnee, still naked, was tied to a grill. Her mouth was stuffed shut with cloth. Her whole body was covered with scratches from nails and bite marks. I took off my dastaar and put it on top of her and then put her in a rickshaw so we could take her to the hospital. But on the way she died" Saying this, that Singh could not finish and again began to sob.

Hearing the story, all the Singhs' eyes were glowing with pain and fury. The Singhs were clutching their weapons very tightly. Whatever little sympathy I had left for the Indian state was now smashed.


by FaujKaur @ Monday, October 30, 2006
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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:31 AM
What was done in 1984 was horrible. But it is sad to see people like you perpetuate the hatred and blame a whole nation for the sins of a misguided few.

How come you dont write such bile against the US government when sikhs are mistreated in the US? You should be thankful that India respects freedom of speech.

By Anonymous Daughters of the Khalsa, at 9:21 PM
Sorry to offend you

But, clearly this site is directed to discuss the role of sikh women in our history, and to highlight the current issues sikh women face in our world.

A lot of people have treated sikh women badly in the past, dating back to Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Present Day. In essence, this is prevelant in India. I do not blame the whole nation, like you said, it is the fault of FEW misguided people.

So, even though you understand this, you feel it is necessary for me to write an article about BLAMING THE US AS A WHOLE, i don't think it's the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who mistreats Sikhs, i think it's, LIKE YOU HAVE STATED, a few misguided fools.

All countries preach freedom of speech, equality, etc... You can't judge someone's policies without actually seeing them in action. India has a long record of violation of human rights. So do other countries. But since majority of the SIkh history is based in India, i need to discuss the role of the government, and groups within India, and what role they had in harming SIkh women.

I hope that makes sense, and gives you insight as to what the goal of this blog is

Please forgive me if i have made mistakes,

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:02 PM
dear anon the first comment

That happened along time ago we should forget it concenmtrate the way US treat sikhs they don't strip women naked and rape them. That youth who did that was her sons age she was his mother what do u call people who rape their own mothers. If they can do this to a stranger only god knows what they do to their own mothersand sisters each night.
WHO SAYS we r blaming it on the whole nation? incidently where were the whole nation when this was going on, people say normal HINDUS didnot have anything to do with thsi where where they when this all was happening how many of them had the gutts to come out and help these SIKHS.
TheINDIAN govt or BRAHMIN govt shall I say will go down NO SIKH will forget 1984 what ever their politcal view may be.KHALISTAN will be established oneday it will be a reality. So that's what teh indian govt/people would like us sikhs to forget 1984 so the perpertators can not be prosecuted as if taht is the case. These people who think we should forget it try to imagine if a mob of 100

By Anonymous Kaur, at 7:16 AM
I'm sure Guru Sahib will punish all those who did such atrocities. But does not mean we forget them.. These are shaheediyaan of our Singhniyaan. I hope each Singhni becomes a true daughter of Guru Sahib and be ready to give such shaheedees.

The atrocities have not ended and will not end. I was blessed with amrit di daat and dastaar last year and I know its tough. Not other people accepting you but you yourself accepting the bana.. these blogs don't accuse anyone.. they state facts to prepare us.. stop mis-information and pen down our TRUE History which the corrut politics of India does not allow.
No other religion ever stood up for the sake of other religion except our Gurus.. so I hold nothing against Hindus. But I do want justice and a land where the Khalis are not punished for being pure. Long way to go and hope we can do an ounce of the seva our Singh/Singhniyaan did..
Do not get angry but understand our perception and treat it with respect.
Rabb rakha jeo

What happened in 1984 riots was plain barbaric. But, I have read history of all communal riots in India and such barbarism (murder and rape) is present in all of them. It seems there are too many beasts in this world in all religious communities. I am sure that legally there was no justice done to the innocent who suffered in many of these communal riots. But, I believe that the law of karma will punish these brutes severely one day. New SIT ordered by AAP Govt. in Delhi (www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-newdelhi/lg-gives-nod-for-sit-on-1984-riots/article5675667.ece) will hopefully be able to provide justice to 1984 victims.


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