Dhan Dhan Guru De Pyarai Daughter of Sri Guru Gobind Sahib Ji Daughter of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Fearless Warriors Courageous Mothers Determined Daughters They suffered great in-humane tortures Watch their children bleed to death Witnessed the brutal murder of their husbands Yet, they fought for freedom and faith Remembered Guru Ji in every breath And were an Inspiration to all Sikhs We are a Kaur Princess We are a Brave Lioness We are the Daughters of the Khalsa

Hola Mahalla

Sikh festival Hola Mahalla is celebrated by Sikhs all over the world. Before discussing the Sikh significance, Hola Mahalla follows the Hindu festival of Holi; Holi is a festival celebrating the victory of the Saint Prahlaad over his evil aunt Holika who tried to burn him alive with order of Harnakaash.

However the reasoning behind this festival had long been forgotten, even during the time of our tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, it had become a meaningless day of throwing colour on each other. Guru Gobind Singh Ji ordered that his Khalsa would not celebrate Holi and instead introduced the tradition of HOLA MAHALLA.

..The literal meaning of Hola Mahalla is military exercises or manoeuvres....

Hola Mahalla was celebrated for the first time in the year after the birth of the Khalsa, 1700 AD and from then on has been celebrated every year in the fields of the Holgarh Fort at Anandpur Sahib. Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted to make his Khalsa army into a superior fighting force and so asked his followers to come together to have mock battles at the fort of Holgarh to learn the necessary fighting tactics that they would need in a real battle.
The Khalsa armies would demonstrate their skills of horsemanship, soldiery, swordsmanship and archery.
Each year thousands of Sikhs including large numbers of Nihang Singhs gather at Anandpur Sahib and take part in the procession from the fort of Holgarh to the fort of Fatehgarh. Fighting skills such as Gatka, Archery and Horsemanship are demonstrated as well as more modern sports

Gurbani points the true meaning of Holi :
laal ra(n)g this ko lagaa jis kae vaddabhaagaa II
mailaa kadhae n hovee neh laagai dhaagaa II1II

One is dyed in the color of the Lord's Love, by great good fortune. This color is never muddied; no stain ever sticks to it. II1II
- Ang 808

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About Holi, Gurbani says
aaj hamaarai grihi basa(n)th II
gun gaaeae prabh thumh baea(n)th II1II rehaao II
aaj hamaarai banae faag II
prabh sa(n)gee mil khaelan laag II
holee keenee sa(n)th saev II
ra(n)g laagaa ath laal dhaev II2II
man than mouliou ath anoop II
sookai naahee shhaav dhhoop II
I sing Your Glorious Praises, O Infinite Lord God. II1IIPauseII
Today, I am celebrating the festival of Phalgun.
Joining with God's companions, I have begun to play.
I celebrate the festival of Holi by serving the Saints.
I am imbued with the deep crimson color of the Lord's Divine Love. II2II
My mind and body have blossomed forth, in utter, incomparable beauty.
They do not dry out in either sunshine or shade;they flourish in all seasons.
It is always springtime, when I meet with the Divine Guru. II3II
-Ang 1180
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Guruji knew that His Sikhs lived in a Society where Holi is celebrated with gusto. Guruji instructed His Sikhs what the true meaning of Holi should be. Rather than wasting time coloring each other externally we should concentrate on coloring our Souls with the True name of Waheguruji.
The Warrior Saints

salok kabeer II

gagan dhamaamaa baajiou pariou neesaanai ghaao II

khaeth j maa(n)ddiou sooramaa ab joojhan ko dhaao II1II

sooraa so pehichaaneeai j larai dheen kae haeth II

purajaa purajaa katt marai kabehoo n shhaaddai khaeth II2II2II

The battle-drum beats in the sky of the mind; aim is taken, and the wound is inflicted.

The Spiritual Warriors enter the field of battle; now is the time to fight!

He alone is known as a Spritual Hero, who fights in defense of Religion.

He may be cut apart, piece by piece, but never leaves the field of battle.


Guru Gobind Singh Ji had a marvellous foresight; he wanted his Sikhs to have a strong soul, which we achieve by our prayers. He also wanted us to be physically fit and have a disciplined life.

Physical fitness flows from discipline skills. These skills include the ability to organize our life to meet our basic needs adequately, rest, diet, health, hygiene, exercise, reading, prayer, etc. It will help if we draw up an action programme for the acquisition of self-discipline skills. Two important moments of the day are when we get up in the morning and when we go to sleep. In the morning, when we are fresh from sleep, we can resolve to practice this self-discipline and at night we can ask ourselves an account of how we have practised them. Then we may resolve for the following day and go on disciplining ourselves.

To make our self externally and internally strong and not by merely wasting our life and doing the things blindly what others do that bear no fruits. So, let all of us try to be Victorious by overcoming our evils, our own enemies Kaam, Krodh, Lob, Moh & Aanhkar.

Kaur Experience in Gatkha Akhara

"...Gatka is very precious gift from Guruji and it gives great feelings during performing it and Guruji has given me a wonderful experience...."

"I realize something great, it certainly makes you feel confident, fearless and the love for shaster vidya. While performing it and when your baani goes through your head, then you will see how the movement is and vaar goes so beautifully and energetic…. I am not good in describing my feelings while performing gatka because it is something which comes from your inner self and then rejoins with shaster vidya. The truth is, even I was not sure whether I can fight or not and don't want to fight with Singhs because they are experienced Singhs in gatka. They have been practicing Gatka for many years and my group just learned in three months.Guruji is the one who made me get involve in the last minute. With that, I just went in with one spirit, and that was bharosa in Guruji and Naam. When Guruji gave me my first victory, Bhenji, the Sangat faces in stadium especially Sisters from every Gatka Akhara showed a sense of proud for me and said in future they will take part. It was not Win or Loose game. It was something beyond that…it was the feeling of how you should be tyar bhar tyaar in facing any situation without fear. The main part is our actual battle starts with our own enemies which are Kam,krodh.lobh,moh,ahangkar..."- Gupt Kaur

"Khalsa lived poised in sword's sharp edge, and he kissed its cold steel. Indeed Iron had gone into his soul at his nativity. But it would be a great mistake to associate the Khalsa with the wanton wars and bloodshed. He took to the sword because of a crisis of conscience." – Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

...Khalsa Singhniaa in Gatka Akhara...
Warrior Singhnees!
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