Dhan Dhan Guru De Pyarai Daughter of Sri Guru Gobind Sahib Ji Daughter of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Fearless Warriors Courageous Mothers Determined Daughters They suffered great in-humane tortures Watch their children bleed to death Witnessed the brutal murder of their husbands Yet, they fought for freedom and faith Remembered Guru Ji in every breath And were an Inspiration to all Sikhs We are a Kaur Princess We are a Brave Lioness We are the Daughters of the Khalsa

Aasaa, Fourth Mehla:

Constantly listening to the Ambrosial Gurbani in the heart, it becomes pleasing to the mind.

Through Gurbani, the Incomprehensible Lord is comprehended. II1II

As Gurmukh, listen to the Naam, the Name of the Lord, O my sisters.

The One Lord is pervading and permeating deep within the heart; with your mouth, recite the Ambrosial Hymns of the Guru. II1IIPauseII

My mind and body are filled with divine love, and great sadness.

By great good fortune, I have obtained the True Guru, the Primal Being. II2II

In the love of duality, the mortals wander through poisonous Maya.

The unfortunate ones do not meet the True Guru. II3II

The Lord Himself inspires us to drink in the Lord's Ambrosial Elixir.

Through the Perfect Guru, O Nanak, the Lord is obtained. II4II3II55II

Shabad is by Guru Raam Daas Ji in Raag Aasaa on Anng 366

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