Dhan Dhan Guru De Pyarai Daughter of Sri Guru Gobind Sahib Ji Daughter of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Fearless Warriors Courageous Mothers Determined Daughters They suffered great in-humane tortures Watch their children bleed to death Witnessed the brutal murder of their husbands Yet, they fought for freedom and faith Remembered Guru Ji in every breath And were an Inspiration to all Sikhs We are a Kaur Princess We are a Brave Lioness We are the Daughters of the Khalsa

He who did the work, is accepted as Guru; so which is better - the thistle or the rice?

The Righteous Judge of Dharma considered the arguments and made the decision.

Whatever the True Guru says, the True Lord does; it comes to pass instantaneously.

Guru Angad was proclaimed, and the True Creator confirmed it.

Nanak merely changed his body; He still sits on the throne, with hundreds of branches reaching out.

Standing at His door, His followers serve Him; by this service, their rust is scraped off.

He is the Dervish - the Saint, at the door of His Lord and Master; He loves the True Name, and the Bani of the Guru's Word.

Balwand says that Khivi, the Guru's wife, is a noble woman, who gives soothing, leafy shade to all.

She distributes the bounty of the Guru's Langar; the kheer - the rice pudding and ghee, is like sweet ambrosia.

The faces of the Guru's Sikhs are radiant and bright; the self-willed manmukhs are pale, like straw.

The Master gave His approval, when Angad exerted Himself heroically.
Such is the Husband of mother Khivi; He sustains the world. II3II

Shabad is by Bhatt Sathaa & Balvand in Raag Raamkalee on Anng 967

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