Dhan Dhan Guru De Pyarai Daughter of Sri Guru Gobind Sahib Ji Daughter of Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Fearless Warriors Courageous Mothers Determined Daughters They suffered great in-humane tortures Watch their children bleed to death Witnessed the brutal murder of their husbands Yet, they fought for freedom and faith Remembered Guru Ji in every breath And were an Inspiration to all Sikhs We are a Kaur Princess We are a Brave Lioness We are the Daughters of the Khalsa

Shaheed Bibi Ravinder Kaur Ji

Later on during the fighting, her husband ran out of ammunition and they had to surrender. All of them were told to stand in a line and were about to be shot when an army officer came by and asked that a few men were needed. The requirement was of a Granthee Singh and a Ragee Jatha in order to perform keertan at Darbaar Sahib. Bhai Harbhajan Singh Jee was picked out of the line to play tabla but the Singhs alongside him were killed. He explained that his wife, Rano, knew how he might not sacrifice himself for the Khalsa Panth and she warned him against this. Nonetheless, the Punjab police killed him two years later.

This is how Bibi Ravinder Kaur Jee lived the true life of a Gursikh and finally died as a martyr doing seva of Khalsa Panth.

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Picture Courtesy of Karamsingh

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